Cam Belts

20TenGarageServicesCamBeltChangeCar manufacturers recommend cam belts are changed on vehicles at a specified mileage – depending on the make and model of the vehicle, this can be anywhere from 40K up to 100k. If a cam belt has been on a vehicle too long, it is at risk of snapping without warning, which leads to extensive engine damage. This is costly to repair, and may even result in a new engine.

You can call the team at 20Ten Garage Services, and using your registration number, we’ll be able to tell you exactly when your cam belt change should be carried out.

If you need your cam belt changing, we can supply the appropriate recommended parts, and carry out the work at a very competitive price. We also recommend that the water pump is changed at the same time to avoid problems in the future.

Not sure if your cam belt is due for changing? Give the team at 20Ten Garage Services a call on 01332 833878 – the garage to trust when good service is a must!